Welcome to a new era in Live Broadcasting

A new phase of consumer journalism. A new level of content creation and audience reach. A new production experience with no additional hardware costs. Welcome to the future of TV.

Global Collaboration

CloudChannels is a TV studio in the cloud. This means that your team members can work together, wherever they are located. Globally. Events can be managed locally or remotely, perfect for 24 hour productions.
No Cables Necessary
All you need is a 3G/4G connection to get started, perfect for audience participation and citizen journalism.
Simultaneous Users
Stream the same event in multiple languages, produced by different teams in multiple countries all at the same time.
Cloud Production
All processing is done in the cloud which allows your team to be located anywhere in the world.

Smarter Editing

Edit clips and highlights with peace of mind and share them on social media using the built-in non-destructive editor. All edits are made in the cloud and are accessible to everyone on the team.
Highlights Creator
Edit a clip into three separate edits. These edits can be pushed live individually or one after the other.
Clip Bin
All edits can be saved to a ‘clip bin’ so that they can be easily accessed and re-edited at any time.
Instant Live to VOD
Record individual feeds or the whole output to turn live events into video on demand instantly, extending the life of your broadcast.
Server Side Ad Insertion
Insert ads on the server side dynamically and bypass ad blockers on all platforms, giving you analytics and guaranteed playback.

Full Playback Support

CloudChannel streams can be pushed to multiple social networks as well as multiple RTMP severs. The included players can be viewed on all browsers and devices using our video playback technology.
Facebook Live & Youtube
Stream directly to multiple Youtube and Facebook accounts simultaneously.
Real-time Analytics
See real-time performance of your live and VOD content with access to location, viewing figures and habits.
Adaptive Players
Players switch between different video bitrates and formats, ensuring an optimised viewing experience on all devices.
Player Technology
More than just a video player. From e-commerce solutions to social integration, the possibilities are endless.

Lower Costs

CloudChannels can be easily integrated into your current workflow with full support for industry standard hardware, allowing you to extend the use of your current investment.
No Hardware Needed
No hardware? No problem! Broadcast from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and mobile device.
Fully Compatible
Expand your broadcast capabilities without the need for further investment in additional equipment.
Cloud Storage
With all of your content stored
in the Cloud, there is no need to spend extra money on physical storage space.

Content Management

Cloud storage allows you to ‘upload ‘once, use everywhere.’ This means that once you have uploaded your content, it is available to use across the whole CloudChannels platform.
Resumable Uploads
Capture the best footage possible with the built-in manual camera settings.
Automatic Encoding
Control the manual settings for each device remotely from CloudChannels.
Metadata Manager
Send instructions from CloudChannels to VideoLinQ devices to maintain communication between team members.

VideoLinQ Integration

Our CloudChannels VideoLinQ app allows multiple mobile devices to stream simultaneously into CloudChannels Live, allowing you to turn every team member into a video contributor.
Manual Settings
Capture the best footage possible with the built-in manual camera settings.
Remote Control
Control the manual settings for each device remotely from CloudChannels.
Built-in Communication
Send instructions from CloudChannels to mobile devices to maintain communication between team members.
One Camera. Multiple Shots
Produce multiple angle shots using a single camera by switching between front/rear cameras. and zoom points.
More about VideoLinQ